Nokia N8 delayed until July

Delaying seems to becoming more and more a common theme at present, just a day after Apple have announced that the iPad is going to be postponed we hear that Nokia have announced that the N8 N8-00 flagship phone is also delayed until the middle of July, according to an article over at devicemag.com via nexus404.com

We can sort of understand the delay from Apple, but Nokia’s is a little more concerning, most would say that the Nokia handset should be released as soon as possible since the majority of people if waiting until July will be more than willing to get the iPhone 4G or HTC EVO.

Both devices are said to be more attractive than the Nokia N8, which does throw a cloud of concern over the decision that Nokia have made. You would assume that the company would somewhat be in a hurry to get the Nokia N8 released.

So far Nokia haven’t given any explanation as to the delay on the first Symbian ^3 handset, and there are a few people wanting to hear the explanation. The Nokia N8 is expected to come with very hot specifications including a 12 megapixel camera which is capable of HD 720p video recording.

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