IPhone results for Opera Mini V Safari speed test

Surprisingly a couple of days back Apple approved the Opera Mini web browser for the iPhone, the mini has been designed to be faster that Safari with also claims from the company that its speed is potentially 5x faster.

Okay, 5x is a bold a brave statement to work, however this has now been tested and online test results which have been put together by LifeHacker seem that this is actually the case well almost.

Opera Mini does achieve fast page loads on the iPhone due to caching pages and also compressing pages and images before the iPhone receives the information. Doing all that hard work before the information gets to the iPhone it simply lets the iPhone download the information and as they are compressed this means less data to transfer.

The test results for page load speed can be viewed and that shows that the Opera Mini is a lot faster, the only real down side for the Mini is that the app itself is less polished than that of the safari. It’s zoon features are a little groggy and don’t work quite as you would expect.

Source – gadgetvenue.com

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