UK iPhone Price War May Be On Its Way

Although we in the UK may have to wait for the Apple iPad for yet another month, on the iPhone front it looks like a price war could be looming as i4u claims Tesco pushing out a cheaper price plan on the iPhone could start a pricing war.

According to their article UK supermarket giant Tesco is gearing up to offer a new iPhone plan based on a 12 month contract for a price of £35 per month and on signing on the Tesco dotted line you’ll get a free 16GB iPhone 3GS with 750 minutes and unlimited texts.

You got to hand it to Tesco that is quite a good deal and only a few months after they first began offering the iPhone at Tesco branches.

So where does the iPhone price war come in? Well other UK providers such as Orange, Vodafone and O2 do not have a similar package; therefore one can expect the other providers to make changes to their plans to offer something similar to keep customers.

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