iPhone OS 4.0 announcement success, Apple iPad UK delayed

When the iPhone OS 4.0 was announced with all its features we call this a success, well the latest news is about the Apple iPad and that it has now been delayed for UK release, now this is not a success. Apparently the delay is due to overwhelming demand in the US according to the times online.

Apparently Apple has stated they made the “difficult decision” to postpone the launch of the Apple iPad internationally until the end on next month and cited “strong US demand” as the reason.

Also an Apple spokesperson has said that they delivered in excess of 500,000 iPad units during last week and demand for the iPad “is far higher than predicted.”

It wasn’t that long ago that Apple chief Steve Jobs stated Apple was on track to release the iPad in the UK at the end of April, but Apple has now said they will announce international pricing for the iPad on the 10th of May and at the same time will begin taking pre-orders.

So there it is, no Apple iPad for the UK until the end of May as the US needs them all; it seems to me that Apple should have foreseen demand for the iPad and made sure there was enough for the UK launch to go ahead as planned, what do you think?


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