Video: iPhone 3GS vs. iPad in Speed Test

So now that Apple’s latest creation is available and looks towards swiping some of the iPhone’s glory, just which one of the Apple products is faster, the 32GB iPhone 3GS or the 32GB iPad WiFi model?

Well how about a speed test just to find out which has the best speed? We have for your viewing pleasure below a video speed test between the iPhone 3GS and the iPad courtesy of the guys over at daily mobile.

The iPhone 3GS vs iPad speed test video lasts just over two and a half minutes and originates from the guys over at the daily iphone blog, who start out by saying it looks like the iPad will demolish the iPhone 3GS, but does it?

Well I could tell you the answer to that question, but that would simply spoil the whole point, so instead I’m going to let you head on down to the iPhone 3GS vs iPad speed test video, mash play and enjoy.

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