Verizon iPhone Release Date December 2010?

Well now here’s one I haven’t heard before but apparently the latest rumour hitting the net waves is that the much sort after Verizon iPhone is going to see release sometime in December of 2010, actually the date in the first paragraph of the article on nexus404 says 2009.

However on checking with their source link apple news online, it does indeed say December 2010, so I figure the 2009 was simply a slip of the finger.

Anyway according to the article a customer walked into a Verizon store and chatted to the Verizon employees about the iPhone and the Droid when apparently one of the Big Red employees said “were getting one” and followed up with, “The new hardware will be announced this summer which will have the capability for AT&T and Verizon network”.

Apparently the customer became excited and answered that they had also heard the rumour to which the Verizon employee replied, “It should be here around this December”.

Obviously none of this has been confirmed in any way and could well be someone simply hyping the news of the Verizon iPhone, so as always take all this with a grain of salt.


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  1. Michael says:

    A verizon store clerk wouldn’t have that type of info. Chances are they are using in info they hear in online and not Verizon information.

  2. wal says:

    i worked for sprint and verizon and they use to have meetings that we attended like at the double tree hotel and they tell us about phones that would be coming out in the near future its not that big of a secret. so if he said so then MAYBE he really knows

  3. Alan M says:

    Hi folks, I am the one who was in that Verizon store and it is a true event that happened. However, like it says here in this article you dont know if its true or wishfull thinking on the part of the Verizon employee. The employee sure did seem very confidant with this info when they told me. But I believe also that this info would be hard pressed to get out to just a basic store clerk. I hope its true though.

  4. CTravis says:

    I totally believe that the Verizon employee told someone that because a Verizon employee told me they were getting on about a year ago. I've been hoping for it ever since and I'll believe it when I see it!

  5. Aaron says:

    I have heard from a very reliable source, that because the ipad was released in april, the iphone will not be release this summer and will only see light in december 2010.,

  6. Aaron says:

    also why would apple release the ipad with AT&T and then release the iphone on verizon……doesn't make the greatest sense business wise does it.

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