Nokia N86 problems affecting microUSB charging port?

The Nokia N86 which happens to be the first handset the Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia have launched on the market with a 8 megapixel camera apparently comes with some problems as well.

The issues have been reported to be hardware issues, and a large number of Nokia N86 units have been brought in for repair and apparently this is before the company’s flagship models N97 and N900.

Both dealers and also repair centres have reported a high amount of Nokia N86 have been brought back for repair and that the hardware issues that have been spotted with the device affect the microUSB charging port.

What’s more is that the same problems were previously signalled for the N900 and also the N97 handsets. The charging socket on the N86 is inside the handset which is pushed when connecting the cable. This being the issue that most customers are complaining about.

There was a similar problem spotted on the N900 as the device came with two prongs on the charging cable which were too tight which in turn made the entire microUSB port come out when disconnecting the charging cable. Have you experienced any of these issues? Please share you experiences.

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  1. divan says:

    i dont have the same problem. but I do have problems with the earpiece speaker….. its now the third time they replace it in 3 months! sliding up also does not unlock keypad no more and also secondary camera not working and number keys take about 10seconds before respond.

  2. hotrod508 says:

    i"m on my second phone and have also replaced the earpiece. now the software is running slow and the camera will take pics that are upside down or sideways ….even tho I am holding the phone perfectly straight!! Also the editing sofware willnot work after the recent update… I mean how many times do you have to send it in to have a fully funtioning phone. Really?

    1. karen says:

      hiya were on a 18 month 3 contract with a n86 8mp camera me and my partner both have the same phone and contract and after 9 months neither of us can get our phone to charge as the micro usb socket inside the phone seems to be dislodged inside how did you go about getting your phone repaired and did you have to pay for it many thanks karen and iain

  3. Lobster says:

    Happening to me now. I am searching my house for receipt so I can take it back to Nokia to get fixed. Although it did last longer than some people seem to be getting.

  4. Tony says:

    This happened to me i took it back to carphone werehouse took a month to fix. just got it back wiped i forgot to back it up. now can't load music back on or access mass memory. Tony from Bradford

  5. NMB says:

    I have this problem right now after having had the phone for just under a year, the charging socket has become loose inside my phone. Nokia have refused to repair it saying the warranty is void as it was customer damage…. YES I tried to charge my phone as normal… but I didn't deliberately and forcibly PUSH the entire charging socket inside my expensive handset….. that would just be stupid. It's quite an obvious design flaw and a mechanical fault.

    Absolutely disgusted with Nokia.

  6. Yousaf says:

    i have also facing this fkin problem i have broke my charging jeck nd i have repaird but the freaking thing happend again now the repair man said i cant repail until u brought me a new motherboard of n86 or brought me a n85 dead motherboard so that i will track down the circut values nd pipes than i will be able to fix this problem ……….now a days i am using universal charger nd i got two battries

  7. yousaf says:

    please let the comment uplod it will help others if u guys have n85 dead mother board than ur repair man will repair your charging jeck it his work nd experience trust me i have done it

  8. amir says:

    very very bad charging jeck this is company mestak i have also nokia n86 and same problum
    any body help me the data cabel not be work its jeck problum how it be solved plz any body help me any body send me thi pic of data cable jeck ways plz help me i am so upset post on my id plz

  9. alanb says:

    I also have the nokia n86 had a problem with the charging socket. Also problems with the speaker.
    The phone has locked up on me twice.
    This phone has been back for repair 5 times and i am now sending back again today.
    Bought online from phones4u and even though the phone is bobbbins phones4u have been pretty good.

  10. lea says:

    the same problem with my N86 and it’s been goin’ on 4 a while.. haven’t found the right solution on line, i have changed the charger many times but still it only able to charge from pc… please please please please please please help…. anyone ??

  11. Davina Shand says:

    I'm on my third handset for this phone. Twice because the internal earpiece didn't work. Once becasue the charging Jack was defunct. In between I have had the phone repaired three times for either the earpiece or the charging jack. Real shame as otherwise this is a great phone. Disappointed in Nokia who have always been so good in the past. That said o2 my network provider have replaced/repaired the phone quickly and without charge. Now in the last 11 months of my 24 month contract so fingers crossed. Expect I will end up going for the iphone or the android next time though.

  12. Frustrated78 says:

    I am having many problems with the N86 also. I am in the 10th month of a 24 month contract with Orange and am now on my 4th handset! Phone is continuously locking, telling me i need to delete data to send text messages (i was using minimal memory as it was) etc, taking a few minutes to register when i am trying to move to different options, eg, text messages to contacts. The phone charge light is coming on, bars on battery icon moving up and down, but there is no electrical connection (very strange). I recieved my 4th handset on Saturday and within 2 hours, i was experiencing some of said problems. Great phone, but sadly too many issues! Orange have been very helpful and replaced phone each time without question of repair, though they are not willing to offer a new model which is disappointing, considering i am onto the 4th handset. Also i was only made aware on Friday that i have a 24 month warranty with Nokia, so am now chasing them to provide me with a new model, which hopefully will redeem my faith in Nokia as i changed to them from Sony Ericsson, now i am regretting this! Any feedback from others with the same problems would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  13. khalid says:

    got a nokia n86 got the same issue with the charging port wont charge the phone nokia got to change that charging port for thier phones

  14. Marina says:

    I've had my nokia n86 for one and a half year and have had one repair because it jammed when I went to the messages, and had to remove the battery to start the phone again.
    After the repair they had just replaced the front of the phone and removed the GAMES program, then after a few months the back of the phone began to haunt and if you happen to touch the cameralens it opens the PHOTO program and it takes about 10 seconds to shut the program down. Now, phone's decided not to charge and first I thought it might be a problem with the charger, but after reading the comments on this page I understand that it is the phone AGAIN that it is the problem, another interesting thing about the phone is that it continues to "charge" when you take out the charger…… not my best purchase

  15. andrew says:

    Hi, i've an n86 been replaced twice under warranty for internal speaker problems now 17 months into a 2 year contract with o2 and i have this usb fault can't charge phone also speaker has gone again. has anyone any ideas how to charge this phone need things of it?

  16. Kateholton says:

    I have a Nokia n86 were the charger point pushed all the way in the phone after only 3months so I sent  the phone away to be repaired but the repair company lost my  Phone so  they gave me a brand new replacement Nokia n86 helas after only 2months use the exactly  same thing has happened again i would have expected better from an phone like this very Dissapointing 

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