BlackBerry Bold 9650 Sprint Launch Date Revealed

If you are a Sprint customer waiting to get your hands on the Research In Motion BlackBerry Bold 9650 smartphone which was recently pictured; you may just be able to do so as of the 16th of May as the guys over at crackberry report that an image from an updated Sprint hotsheet shows the BlackBerry Bold 9650 may be on its way.

Apparently there are some possible prices reveal with the Sprint BlackBerry Bold 9650 as well although at the images hasn’t been confirmed in any way it should be taken with a touch of salt and treated as rumour for now.

The guys say most of the buzz over the BlackBerry Bold 9650 is centred on the Big Red rather than of Sprint but if said image is correct it looks as if Sprint may just beat Verizon to the starting post with the BlackBerry Bold 9650.

Still, the 16th of May isn’t that far off so only a few weeks before we find out if this info is indeed true or false and if Sprint BlackBerry Bold 9650 wannabee’s waiting is finally over.

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