HTC HD2 out of stock T Mobile US as demand continues

The reason issues of the HTC Desire in the UK market have spread and it is has now been reported from the folks over at news.softpedia.com that the Android based Desire is not the only HTC device to have been affected.

The HTC HD2 which is the flagship Windows Mobile 6.5 based device is currently out of stock with T Mobile US as it seems that the carrier is still experiencing problems in keeping up with the ever increasing demand for the handset.

It was previously reported here that the HTC Desire was affected with issues with stock from T Mobile right from day one. Even if the device runs under Windows Mobile operating system 6.5 and wont be getting an update to Microsoft’s newer Windows Phone 7 platform it seems users still see the device as a great one, and as a result the out of stock status is currently shown on T Mobile’s US site.

One of the most appealing features of the HD2 has to be its large touchscreen display, which when you take into consideration the 1GHz processor, and also the access to many various services and applications which are unavailable on the model launched outside of the US. T Mobile claims you’ll forget it’s a Smartphone.


One thought on “HTC HD2 out of stock T Mobile US as demand continues”

  1. Karen P says:

    I think this is just an issue of low stock of the HD2, rather than high demand.

    With the release of the 'HTC Incredible' this week, nobody will want the old HD2 any more. The low stock numbers just reflect what T Mobile expects the buying public to do.

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