iPhone 4G: The Next iPhone Details and Video

Well now what do we have here? It is an article over on gizmodo where the guys say they have the low down on the next iPhone, which for now we’ll still call the iPhone 4G although there is a rumour that it will be called the iPhone 3GS2 which I posted about earlier.

Apparently the guys got hold of that “next iPhone” which was found in a bar and disassembled it and they say it “is the real thing” so here’s what they found…

A front facing camera, an improved back camera that is larger than on the iPhone 3GS and a camera flash, improved display which looks like 960 x 640, a secondary mic for noise cancellation next to the jack, split buttons for volume, micro-SIM rather than a standard SIM, metallic power, mute and volume buttons.

They say the back of the iPhone 4G is flat and constructed in either glass or ceramic or shiny plastic, aluminium border completely around the outside, three grams heavier, 16 percent larger battery, more squared off.

The proof was in the opening up they say as multiple components inside are labelled Apple and were extremely well fit and formed. Size wise the iPhone 4G measures 4.50 x 2.31 x 0.37 inches with a weight of 140 grams.

The guys also have a couple of videos of the next iPhone for your viewing pleasure so nip on over to their website, but please come back and let us know what you think, and we have a short video look for you below so check it out.

Update: We have taken the images and video down, for more information please visit source.

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