iPhone 4G To Be Known As iPhone 3GS2?

There has been great debate concerning just what Apple will name the next generation iPhone, with the most frequently used handles being the iPhone 4G, iPhone 2010, and later on the iPhone HD, but really no one knows what the next generation iPhone will be called until Apple lets us all know.

However apparently according to an article over on ozcarguide there is a rumour flying round that the next generation iPhone will in fact be known as the iPhone 3GS2, the reason being the next iPhone will not be capable of 4G speeds and would make it misleading.

Then again they also report that the glass backing on the new iPhone 4G doesn’t appear to be true, but we know from an earlier post that the glass back is indeed a feature, so they could well be wrong in their assumption.

They also make mention that they hope the alternative name, the iPhone HD wasn’t dropped due to the next generation iPhone no longer supporting HD capabilities. It has to be said though that they make no mention of where they get their information from so treat all as just another rumour.

Update: We have been advised to take new iPhone 4G images down, sorry for the inconvenience

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