Video: HTC Droid Incredible Gets Unboxed

Yes folks as the HTC Droid Incredible is due out quite soon obviously what you need is a traditional unboxing of the smartphone and that is exactly what we have for your viewing pleasure today, an unboxing video of the HTC Droid Incredible, which can now be pre-ordered from Verizon which I posted ongoing live earier.

The HTC Droid Incredible unboxing video last almost a nice cool then and a half minutes and comes courtesy of Noah over at phone dog and takes us though all the gear associated with a traditional smartphone unboxing.

Of note is that on the actual box it says HTC Incredible with Google rather than HTC Droid Incredible with Google, but Noah explains that it will probably be referred to both ways.

Anyway you don’t want to spend time reading what I’m writing as you’d much rather skip over and down to that HTC Droid Incredible unboxing, by the way we have the full official pricing details which Mark posted earlier if you want to take a look, otherwise hit up the video and enjoy.

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