Samsung Galaxy on Bell Sees Price Drop

Why hand over cash for a smartphone when if you wait a while you’ll get the smartphone for free, and free is always better than not. Such is the case it seems with Canada’s Bell a apparently they have decided to drop the price on their only Android smartphone.

According to an article over on mobile syrup, Bell has now dropped the price on the Samsung Galaxy handset way down to a big fat zero when signing up for a three year term, which is a better deal than the Samsung Galaxy Spica on Rogers promo deal, which is being offered by Best Buy for $29.99 on a three year term.

Unfortunately though Bell hasn’t decided to lower any over pricing for the Samsung Galaxy so if you opt for a two year agreement the smartphone will still cost $299.95 while a one year agreement costs $399.95 or if you want it off contract, $449.95.

Still if you do prefer Bell to Rogers and fancy snapping up a Samsung Galaxy now’s your chance to grab it for free by heading on over to the Bell website.

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