Windows Phone 7 more details leaked

Some more details in relation to the upcoming Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system from Microsoft have been leaked through a leaked Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Architecture Guide and also a tutorial on how to compile the OS. Windows Phone 7 which was previously known as Windows Phone 7 Series. as we reported here.

The leaked documents were spotted on Tweakers.net which shows that the hardware will be tied to a genuine Windows Phone certificate otherwise the ID wont be accepted. From the leaked information we can expect that the handset will be linked with the user’s Window Live ID.

Without this it will mean that the device will be pretty much useless but also that potentially each device will be directly tied to just one person, which of course will alarm privacy advocates somewhat. Some other details which have been unveiled leads us to believe that Microsoft is all set to be actively involved in the developments of handsets.

The OEM ROM updates are expected to be delivered by the Redmond based software giant themselves. You will be notified as and when updates are available which you can then download either over the air or through your computer.

Source – news.softpedia.com via tweakers.net

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