LG announce LG Leaf Eco Concept

There has been an announcement from LG recently in relation to an LG concept mobile which has been designed by Terrillo Walls who was requested by LG to design an Eco mobile.

The new mobile which is called the LG Leaf is expected to follow the example which was set by the Sony Ericsson Greenheart range of mobile devices, which we covered previously here.

Apparently the main wow of the LG Leaf is that it will get its power directly from sunlight and will not need to be charged. So how well will this work especially when you consider the lack of sun we have.

The concept is good though regardless of our weather. The design of the phone looks interesting but does appear to be a bit on the thin side but quite wide almost in line with a flatter HTC Desire. Sadly we have no other details yet on this device but as soon as we here more we’ll let you know.

Source – 3g.co.uk


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