New iPhone 4G Reclaimed by Apple: Gizmodo Letter

Yesterday I posted about the guys over at gizmodo getting hold of that lost iPhone 4G handset and delivering the low down on specs, details and a couple of videos, you can view said article (here). Well today it appears that Apple has placed their stamp of proof that it was indeed the real deal.

According to gizmodo shortly after posting their new iPhone 4G information they were contacted by none other than Apple saying that they wanted their iPhone back.

Brian Lam of gizmodo told Apple if they wanted it back they could have it but would have to claim it on record, to which Apple replied with a formal request by their legal department in the form of a letter, which and be viewed over at their website, and this seems to intimate that the guys did indeed have hold of the real deal.

So there you have it, the iPhone 4G surfaced for a little while and than Apple pulled out their big guns to make sure it went back undercover so we don’t find out everything before Apple is good and ready.

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