Apple Earnings: iPhone Record Sales Reported

For the 3rd consecutive quarter Apple had raised the bar in smartphone sales as Apple has reported record sales of the iconic iPhone and also set a record of Mac sales for the first quarter of any year reports an article over on computer world.

For the quarter ending the 31st of March, Apple recorded sales of 8.75 million iPhone units which is a 131 percent increase on the same quarter of the previous year while Mac sales were up some 33 percent selling 2.94 million as compared to last year’s first quarter.

Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer said “iPhone sales were at an all-time high,” and added that sales overall “exceeded our expectations.” A firm quarter for the iPhone was previously predicted by analysts on which we reported the other day.

Apple COO, Tim Cook remarked that iPhone growth rate was “staggering,” and also noted that iPhone sales topped the record setting 4th quarter of last year and beat the period by approximately 56,000 units, and also stated that Apple’s Asia and Pacific region was a major contributor to iPhone nembers.

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