Gizmodo Apple iPhone 4G Dissected: What is the CPU?

So Gizmodo got their hands on the new Apple iPhone 4G Prototype, and yes Apple wanted their smartphone back, and of course Gizmodo got what they wanted (Yes major traffic to its site, fair play), well now they have decided to dissect the handset.

Gizmodo Apple iPhone 4G was dissected in a way so it did not get damaged, Apple would not like that would they. This iPhone is definitely from Apple because it is written inside in three different places.

Once taken apart they say that the battery takes up about 50-percent of the inside, the board did not have any markings on it at all and Apple clearly did not want anyone seeing what was on it because it was wrapped in metal, paste and tape. Gizmodo said they couldn’t find out if there was an A4 processor like the Apple iPad has.

All a mystery when it comes down to the processor, for more information on the in-depth iPhone 4G dissection please visit Gizmodo. For legal reasons we will stay away from publishing photos of this prototype. Hey Gizmodo please step forward and let us know what is going on with the iPhone 4G, is Apple suing you?

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