Windows Phone 7: Live ID, Gmail with Android

If your like many of us, ,waiting patiently for more details on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 then you’ll probably like what we have for you here thanks to the guys over at intomobile.com via tweakers.net

More details about Microsoft’s latest operating system have now hit the web. Just like Gmail with Android, Windows Phone 7 will actually be tied to your Windows Live ID good news for those of you that are already in Microsoft’s cloud world as the whole process will be straightforward for you guys.

The ID will also be your way in to Windows Marketplace for mobile, worth remembering that this will be the only official way for you to get new applications. Another interesting point is that the device makers will not be permitted to change the tiled metro user interface that much. LG or Samsung will be able to add their own tiles but will not be able to entirely scrap the UI for something else such as the Sense UI.

The 32 bit Operating system will have a dual layer architecture with the kernel layer and also a user layer. Manufacturers themselves will be responsible for the drivers for both 2D and 3D graphics. Have a look at the video below and let us have your comments.


2 thoughts on “Windows Phone 7: Live ID, Gmail with Android”

  1. Flausch says:

    Windows Phone 7 lock down is nothing like Android.

    Android allows the OEM to remove all of Google's services. The phone will still work.

    What Microsoft is doing is shutting the phone down completely if you refuse to sign on to its services.

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