Nokia Exec Madness: Will Camera phones phase out SLR Digicams?

We all like to have a half decent camera on our mobile phone so we can snap the odd image now and again and it is quite handy when you don’t have a more professional camera at hand, but could the mobile phone camera make SLR camera obsolete? A Nokia executive seems to think so according to an article over on engadget via way of Reuters.

Apparently Nokia’s Anssi Vanjoki, speaking on the improvement of cameraphone tech at a speech in Helsinki stated that quite soon “there will be no need to carry around those heavy lenses,” and apparently is very enthusiastic over HD video hitting mobile phones , which he apparently predicts will happen is a year.

Now, as advanced as mobile phone cameras have become and are becoming all the time, I can’t really see a top range smartphone taking the place of an SLR Digicam can you. I somehow don’t see the paparazzi all brandishing the likes of the iPhone and other smartphones to snap that money grabbing shot.

The mobile phone camera is okay for the everyday user who wants to take a quick spur of the moment snap of something, and is easier to carry around than the large heavy lenses, but if this Nokia exec thinks they can make the SLR obsolete he’s mad and will have professional photographers reeling at the though don’t you agree?

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