Video: iPhone 4G HD Gizmodo Leak, Jobs Rants

As the serious business of the outing of the iPhone 4G by the guys over at Gizmodo continues to play out with no doubt more on the matter to follow. We have a video for your viewing pleasure which adds a little humour to the situation and gives it a tad lighter side.

A word of warning before you jump past everything and hit the play button, the video below does include some bad language and if you are offended by swearing in any way I advise you to skip watching the video which comes by way of daily mobile via passionemobobile.

Okay that said I have to say that this video of the Steve Jobs muppet ranting on about Gizmodo outing the precious iPhone 4G HD is funny, and Jobs saying that the iPhone HD is cancelled well I can just imaging the real Jobs having such a fit when he found out Gizmodo has splashed his new iPhone all over the show.

I’ll stop there and let those who want to watch the rant head on down and do so, and please, no hate mail to the Gizmodo guys…enjoy.

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