Apple Guy Loses iPhone 4G, he gains holiday

Work for Apple? Want a free holiday? Great then all you need to do is lose your highly secretive camouflaged next generation iPhone 4G, have the entire internet go wild about it and make the event news and in return you’ll be offered a holiday.

Well sort of in a round about way, as the guys over at intomobile report that Lufthansa Airlines decided to jump of the lost iPhone 4G bandwagon and offer the guy who lost the next generation prototype a free trip to Germany.

The reason being apparently the guy lost said much talked about iPhone 4G prototype, much to Steve Jobs annoyance no doubt, whilst consuming German beer, and naturally Lufthansa Airlines wants to give the guy who is probably feeling lower than Palm stock right now a chance to drink German Beer in Germany.

The free complimentary business class flight to Munich offer came via an open letter on Twitter which also says, “Upon arrival in Munich feel free to check out our new Bavarian Beer Garden Business Lounge and experience the best beer that Germany has to offer.”

We’re not sure if the loser of the iPhone 4G prototype will take up the offer, but perhaps a little time away from Apple and any wrath Jobs may bestow may make things seem not so bad.


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