Dancing With The Stars 2010 iPhone App: Text and Vote

Dancing with the Stars is now right in your hands thanks to your iPhone. You’ve all wanted to feel part of it, reaching out and touching the stars and now you can, with all the glitz and talent you love to watch, right in the palm of your hand.

Dancing with the Stars fans and iPhone users can now become an active part of the show in choosing just who stays and who’s simply not good enough. Tune into ABC every Monday at 8/7c in order to catch all the dance action then use your iPhone to choose a star and text in your votes.

Text in your votes each week to help make your favourite couples stay on that stage. Standard text messages may apply. Then simply check back into ABC every Tuesday at 8/7c to see which star will dance another day. That’s not all though there are more amazing features with this iPhone application.

You will get instant updates in relation to who has been voted off of the show as well as video results, photo’s, information on the start. You can even play judge yourself with those very famous Dancing With The Stars paddles. if you want it now then click here.

Source – go.com


One thought on “Dancing With The Stars 2010 iPhone App: Text and Vote”

  1. Ellyn52 says:

    If Derek and Maria are eliminated because of Len’s rating, I will stop watching this show.  Len, your biases are showing-big time!

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