Gizmodo iPhone 4G Is Final Design Says Analysts

Well now, remember that lost and camouflaged iPhone 4G prototype the guys over at Gizmodo splashed all over the surfing world, of course you do its been the high point of news this week and no doubt will continue to be of great interest for a while.

Well according to an article over on fonehome who grabbed their info by way of macrumors, the Gizmodo iPhone 4G is in fact the final design of the next generation iPhone in the view of top Apple watchers.

John Gruber of Daring Fireball who has a faily good track record at getting things spot of is of the opinion that the Gizmodo prototype iPhone 4G in “on the money,” and says that one of the barcodes on the handset reads “N90_GVT_GE4X_0493” and according to his sources, that particular barcode is Apple’s codename for the next generation iPhone.

Apparently the DVT part of the barcode stands for “design verification test,” and Apple production milestone which “is very late in the game.” Basically putting two and two together it all adds up to Apple getting ready to launch the iPhone 4G version which Gizmodo leaked.


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  1. My blackberry and I have had an intense, tumultuous, love-hate relationship for 3.5 years. Even when over slicker, hotter phones came around (iPhone 2007), I stuck with my little pocket pal. However, with 3 broken Bolds in 6 months, a horrible AT&T network, and terrible customer service, it's becoming harder and harder to resist what seems inevitable.

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