Next iPhone 4G / HD prototype disguised, here’s how

Are you one of those that have been left a little baffled by just how the prototype of the next iPhone 4G happened to find itself outside of Apple’s premises all round the city.

Apparently Apple makes a number of prototypes of iPhone with very different design models which are handed out to some lucky Apple employees for testing. The device being tested has to pass certain tests which are not actually possible inside the premises of the company. Basically tests that show the device working in normal life.

The apparent design of the fourth generation iPhone does appear to be different from what has been leaked through concept images around the web, that is until now. Apple rather cleverly have disguised the next generation iPhone 4G / HD prototype and it was almost impossible for anyone to actually find out what was hiding inside.

According to statements from Gizmodo, the purported iPhone 4G prototype was hidden inside the plastic cover in order to hide it in a way which made it resemble iPhone 3G. A great move from Apple to confuse us about the device and to allow those testing to be able to do so without drawing attention to themselves.

There are a number of different iPhone cases on the market, so if the iPhone case didn’t match up to the body of the 3GS it would just be overlooked as another iPhone case, clever. So this is the reason people haven’t “seen” the next iPhone 4G / HD before Mr Jobs makes his announcement during the summer. They are out there but they are in disguise.

Source – gadgetsdna.com via gizmodo.com

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