Video: Nokia N900 Helicopter Remote Control

Yes people there are other smartphone out there than the iPhone and taking a break from all the lost iPhone 4G mayhem and its huge amount of coverage I thought I’d bring you a little video entertainment that has absolutely nothing to do with an Apple device.

What we have here for your viewing pleasure is a little video courtesy of the guys over at daily mobile via my nokia blog of a guy flying a small helicopter by using his Nokia N900 smartphone as a remote control.

The video last just over two minutes and starts off with a bit of a fumbled attempt but the guy does manage to get the helicopter up and flying rather well using his Nokia N900 to control it. The Nokia N900 has just become available in India by the way.

Apparently it works over infrared so has a limited range capability and almost looks like it’s being kept up by the Nokia N900 blowing up an air stream, still it’s a cool video, and cool music too, so head on down and check it out for yourselves and enjoy.

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