Palm CEO Rubinstein Believes Palm Can Survive

Although troubled webOS smartphone maker Palm is up for purchase, although apparently HTC will not be bidding as we posted earlier; the company’s CEO Jon Rubinstein believes that “Palm can survive as an independent company” and has a plan to get Palm back in the black reports an article over on engadget.

Apparently Rubinstein also said in a chat with Financial Times that “if someone comes to the board with a reasonable offer of course it’s something [they’d] have to consider,” which is basically what he’s been saying in the past.

Although he did make mention of a couple of things that may help Palm such as they are apparently working “fast and furious on new handsets” which leads one to assume Palm does have new smartphone in the pipeline to bolster their Palm Pre and Palm Pixi handsets, but just what sort of new handsets and whether they can cut the mustard remains to be seen.

Rubinstein seems to have opened up to the possibility of licensing the webOS to 3rd parties as well which would spread the usage of the operating system rather than just have it on their two current smartphones which don’t seem to be doing their job as the saviour handsets they were first touted to be.

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