Gizmodo iPhone PBS Newshour Interview Video

What we have here for your viewing pleasure today is a video interview of Gizmodo’s Matt Buchanan for PBS Newshour whereby Matt debunks claims that the iPhone 4G prototype was in any way an Apple controlled plant, something we reported on the other day.

Matt is also asked if it was necessary to give out the name of the guy who lost the iPhone 4G prototype to which he says that some people thing so, some people don’t but it is a topic worthy of debate.

The video which can be viewed below last just over five minutes and goes into some detail on the next generation iPhone leak, and lets face it there’s nothing better than hearing it straight from the guys who outed the device is there?

So I’ll shut it now and let you head on down to that video interview and check out just what Gizmodo’s Matt Buchanan has to say…enjoy.

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