Samsung Symbian Phone Coming Later in Year?

This one is for those who have a fondness for the Symbian operating system on their mobile phones according an article on intomobile by the way of tweakers, the word is Samsung may just push out a Symbian handset sometime later this year.

There has in the past been a bit of speculation that Samsung would actually ditch the Symbian OS due to them using their bada OS, Windows Phone 7 and the Android platform, but if said article is true then those rumours hold no water.

The last Symbian smartphone out of Samsung was the Samsung Omnia HD though whether this reported new Symbian handset will be an upgrade to that isn’t known, but as Symbian^4 has been delayed if the device surface later this year it will probably carry Symbian^3.

Other than that assumption there is no more information on what to expect from the new Samsung smartphone, but rest assured we will of course bring you the news as soon as we hear.

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