4G: The Most Talked About Topic of 2010

Yes 4G, something what just about every carrier is moving towards sooner or later, the next evolution of the wireless network and according to an article over on developing telecoms, the most “buzzed-about” topic of the year.

Their article centres on the Co-Founder and CEO of Nexius, Ned Taleb, and his views on 4G, and 4G is the marketing term of the moment from Apple’s 4th gen iPhone to the race of 4G networks.

The Big Red is expected to roll out their LTE network in virtually 30 markets that will cover one thrird of all Americans by the end of the year and will be the first to market the US. Rival AT&T isn’t to be outdone though and has announced that their 4G vendor tials are currently undeway with plans for a commercial roll out in 2011.

T-Mobile on the other hand hasn’t jumped into 4G but are working on a faster HSPA+ network which will serve 180 million customers by the year’s end, and as HSPA+ is backwards compatible, T-Mobile users will be able to continue using their existing mobile phones.

Sprint hit the mobile arena with the biggest 4G news by showcasing the first 4G smartphone the HTC EVO 4G which Sprint just happens to be giving 4 of away that we reported on the other day, and will run on the WiMAX network.

2010 will be all about speed in the mobile space, the first being getting to market as quickly as possible and then launching the networks and devices to suit and then delivering content at the speeds customers demand. Basically it doesn’t matter much which 4G is deployed but it would seem that WiMAX is the interim while LTE will be the long-term but the objective is much the same.

As to who will actually win the battle of the 4G, well as usually only time will tell just who will gain dominance in the field.

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