BlackBerry Pearl 3G caught on Video

We have covered BlackBerry Pearl 3G a few times today, as it was leaked just prior to the WES conference this morning. For those of you that didn’t have a chance to see the earlier posts you can view them here. and here.

Thanks to the guys over at Engadget.com for this video footage of the BlackBerry Pearl 3G in all its glory. Have a look at those lovely vibrant colours. Also take a peek at the user interface in the 20 key version. What was seen worked smoothly without any problems.

The end result of pairing a responsive optical pad a 624MHz processor and a rather well optimised build of the platform. The keyboards on these things are definitely going to be a polarising experience for those users and no doubt some will love and some will hate.

And of course some will just put up with and then probably grow fond of over time. The keyboard is actually an improvement over flat keyboards of Pearls gone by. Have a look at the video and see what you make of the BlackBerry Pearl 3G courtesy of engadget.com

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