BlackBerry Pearl 3G Hands-On, First Impressions and Gallery

We knew it wasn’t going to be that long, and it looks like the guys over at Engadget.com got there first as they have the hands on report in relation to the Blackberry Pearl 3G.

We reported earlier on the BlackBerry Pearl 3G being leaked before the keynote at the WES conference which started this morning here in case you missed it.The guys at Engadget have said that their initial impression is a positive one.

If you currently have in your possession either a Pearl 8100 or even a 8200 flip then this appears to be a must have upgrade for you. The user interface on the new Pearl 3G is super fast and the optical pad is responsive not that you would expect it not to be taking into account RIMs previous optical pads.

The keyboards a little on the strange side but that seems to be the norm when it comes to Pearls, the 14 key is preferred as to the traditional 20 key. For whatever reason we’re sure they must have one RIM have decided to round and curve the keys. Have a look at the gallery of pictures provided by Engadget here and feel free to share your views, comments and opinions with us.

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