WES 2010 shows BlackBerry Pinball Deluxe

We all love those exciting shows and a show like WES is just no different. As the conference got underway all were expecting some announcements from Research in Motion.

A great reason for anybody to attend these all important conferences is to get the information first hand and see what is being announced officially at the keynotes rather than rely on all the unofficial stuff and rumours that always have a habit of following on.

It has been discovered after a BlackBerry game developer was spotted one of the latest in development titles running on his BlackBerry device. The game being played was Pinball Deluxe for BlackBerry.

The BlackBerry Smartphone seems to have been lacking in a good pinball game and according to those that have seen it this really looks great. The game play was on the Storm2 and run smoothly and was fun. The game is said to be compatible and run on more of less all BlackBerry models.

It would be nice if Research in Motion want to make a change for the better on OS 6.4 changing the default game from BrickBreaker to Pinball Deluxe seems like a good idea indeed. We will of course keep you in the picture as and when we here more.

Source – crackberry.com

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