WES 2010: The Biggest BlackBerry Show of the Year

For all you BlackBerry fans the biggest BlackBerry event of the year will soon be upon up, WES 2010 and if you wish to keep up with everything that goes on the guys over at crackberry will of course be on hand.

Although they do say they aren’t too sure what to expect at WES 2010 this year but do hope that there will be some exciting gear and just maybe some exciting new BlackBerry smartphone announcements, news for the consumer and enterprise and software announcements.

The ‘Crack Team’ comprising of Kevin Michaluk, Adam Zeis, David Boyd, Bla1ze, and Isaac Kendall will be delivering all the news they can via blog posts and podcasts and of course Twitter.

So if you want all the news as it happens blow for blow on WES 2010 make sure you link up with the ‘Crack Team,’ and of course we here at phonesreview.co.uk will be bring coverage as and when we can.

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