iPhone 2G – get Android video

It was reported last week from Planetbeing that he had successfully managed to port Android to the iPhone. And now we have an update from engadget.com via neverknowtech.com

And now this week according to Android A Lot it is possible to do just that. First you will need to have an original iPhone 2G at your disposal and then follow the 68 step guide which will lead you through the entire process.

Basically you’ll use iPhone Explorer in order to copy the Android files, then simply turn on your PC or Mac into an Ubuntu virtual machine in order to install the OpeniBoot software. When you finished you should have a dual booting iPhone that is able to swap between iPhone OS and an experimental version of Android 1.6 at startup.

Well that’s, what has been reported to happen anyhow. If it is something that your interested in having a go at then feel free to give it a go and check out the video guide here although it is a little blurry.

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