Palm Pixi Hits the Zero Line

Well this was on the cards as happening sooner or later so doesn’t really come as a great surprise. The guys over at engadget are reporting that Sprint has now relegated the Palm Pixi smartphone to the lower ranks of the free zone.

The deal is the Sprint Palm Pixi is now a free handset when signing on for a two year agreement via the Sprint website, although as yet the Palm Pixi isn’t free via their retail stores but no doubt that will follow in due course.

The Palm Pixi is the slower processor sister of the Palm Pre and lacks WiFi and has probably always been destined to hit the zero bucks on contract zone, so the news should surprise anyone and well if you really want a Palm Pixi now is the time to grab one.

Furthermore it wouldn’t surprise me to seen Verizon’s Palm Pixi Plus hit the zero bucks zone in the not too distant future; still we’ll wait and see if and when that announcement comes.

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