Palm Pre and Pixi Phased Out by Radio Shack

It appears that the webOS toting Palm smartphone simply aren’t doing well enough to keep Palm from slipping further towards extinction. Along with Palm being put up for purchase and Palm Execs jumping ship, it appears that Radio Shack is now dropping the webOS smartphones.

According to an article over on engadget, barrons has been in contact with Sprint and they have confirmed that Radio Shack is phasing out the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi from their lineup.

However according to Sprint this move to phase out the Palm pre and Pixi is in line with radio Shack’s normal process whereby they have a designated amount of space allocated to devices and keep their line up as current as possible.

Apparently one of the removed Palm devices will be replaced by a Research In Motion BlackBerry smartphone but as yet no word on which device. As mentioned in a previous post, Palm is looking at Huawei as a potential purchaser although there is no further word on that situation, but the phasing out of Palm’s smartphones surely looks to be yet another nail in the coffin.

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