Google to fix Android devices formatting issue

This may be good news for some but perhaps not for that many of you as not everybody will have experienced the formatting issues in relation to Android phones.

Either way, according to a report over at ubergizmo.com Google are going to fix the flaw which is affecting the formatting of a 32GB microSD card on a Google Nexus One or other Android phone, we have reported other issues which customers have reported in relation to the Nexus One which can be read here.

If you have tried to format recently you may have been left unable to succeed in doing so. This issue has been raised previously, and Google have confirmed the issue and stated that it has been now fixed it will also be part of the next over the air update.

Google still lists that the Nexus One is capable of supporting microSD cards up to 32GB in capacity on their specifications page. If this has or is affecting you now and you are desperate to get round the issue and don’t want to wait for the update from Google then there is further good news.

A simple way round the issue is to plug your card into a computer which has a memory card slot and then format it on your computer instead.

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