Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network in 2010, devices in 2011

It has been reported from the folks over at pocketnow.com via electronista.com that Verizon Wireless will begin the rolling out of it’s 4G LTE network.

It is expected that the roll out will start during the last quarter of 2010 in around 25-30 cities. This will mean that Verizon will be the second in the US with a 4G network. The rival company Sprint as we know have already rolled out its limited WiMax network.

They are also readying the HTC Sprint EVO 4G Smartphone for launch later this summer and that is going to be compatible with WiMax and also the carriers current 3G protocol for backward compatibility.

Verizon’s network will to start with be used for modems, routers and maybe USB broadband devices in order to allow laptops to be able to tap into the 4G network. 4G chips will need to be reduced in size and become more power efficient before they will be seen in any phones. Perhaps we can see them in 2011.

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