Lost or Stolen Apple iPhone 4G: Will Gizmodo get sued?

So the lost or possible stolen Apple iPhone 4G which the guys over at gizmodo so kindly published to the net is to be returned after Apple’s legal department formally requested said iPhone’s return which we posted on earlier.

However according to an article over on product-reviews, it looks like there may be a possibility that Apple just might take legal action against Gizmodo. They gain their information via an article over on Beta News which has an article that says Apple should sue Gizmodo as apparently it has been claimed that said iPhone 4G was stolen.

They claim that the guys over at Gizmodo should have returned the new iPhone, and say that the Giz guys were wrong to take possession which apparently is classed as “obtaining trade secrets” and going public with that knowledge.

So does this leave Gizmodo open to a lawsuit by Apple for obtaining said trade secrets of the next generation iPhone? Or should Apple turn to their legal team on whoever managed to lose or steal the new iPhone in the first place? What do you think, should Apple set its legal guns on Gizmodo for bring news of the latest iPhone to the public or not?


4 thoughts on “Lost or Stolen Apple iPhone 4G: Will Gizmodo get sued?”

  1. shen says:

    Apple should definitely sue Gizmodo. Instead of opening up the phone and posting the pics online they should have just called up the owner. Cheap shot and pathetic.

  2. SC1 says:

    Gizmodo paying $5000 and publishing specs that were proprietary and not widely known = misappropriation of trade secrets. Since everyone now knows the specs of the next generation phone, less people are going to buy a 3GS. Apple will now be losing sales on iPhones from now until June, when the next generation phone is supposedly released. If they can prove the loss (and all they'd have to do is show a decrease in sales), Gizmodo would be liable for those losses.

  3. Ujin Chang says:

    Suppose I worked for Honda and accidentally left the keys to a million dollar prototype in the car while I stepped inside to pay for gas, and then found the car missing when I come out. What would happen to whomever was caught selling that car on Craigslist? PRISON. Why should this be any different? The car thief knew damn well he was taking & selling somebody else's car. THe phone thief knew damn well he was taking & selling somebody else's phone…

  4. Rynv96 says:

    I don't think they should. It's they person who had the 4G in the first place should not have been just walking around with something like that or at a bar with it since thats were it was lost or "stolen". If anyone should get in trouble it's the employ or who ever had it to begin with.

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