Motorola Backflip on Telus Hardware Review Video

The Motorola Backflip will soon be hitting Canada’s Telus and according to an article over on mobile syrup, compared to the Motorola Dext and Motorola Quench, the Motorola Backflip should be considered.

And to make your choice of whether you Canadians should purchase the Motorola Backflip we have a video of the Motorola Backflip on Telus hardware review video for your viewing pleasure which lasts nearly three and a half minutes.

There are several futures unique to the Android 1.5 Motorola Backflip such as the way its QWERTY keyboard flips open from reverse of the norm and a “trackpad” optical mouse on its rear helps to navigate around the handset.

Anyway rather than me go on it is much easier for you to head on down to the Motorola Backflip on Telus Hardware Review Video, mash play and check out the device for yourselves…enjoy.

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