Does Verizon Actually Need New iPhone? Yes or No

The Rumours have been coming thick and fast in relation to the iPhone and whether or not it will actually come to Verizon. And of course if it is going to actually happen then when is this event likely to occur?

Verizon and Apple have been very tight lipped on the whole saga, although generally the assumptions are that when Apple release the iPhone 4G then they will announce their intentions of partnering with Verizon.

It’s worth remembering though that even if the partnership is the intention of the two companies, it cant actually take place until the exclusive contract which is current with AT&T runs out which is later this year.

Thanks to the employee leaving the prototype iPhone 4G in a bar and someone else then forwarding the device to Gizmodo which we have covered previously here in case you missed any of that. It does seem that Apple are on track to releasing the iPhone 4G.

The question still remains though does Verizon actually need the iPhone or not? Some would say after revealing their first quarter numbers that yes they do indeed need the iPhone. Customers are moving away from contract phones to prepaid wireless mainly in order to save money but also to have more freedom and not being tied to just one carrier. Another selling point is that you wont be charged early termination fees if you decide to switch.

Verizon’s profits had fallen quite substantially by 30% and the number of contract subscribers has also decreased somewhat. Nothing too serious in the grand scale of things but how much of a difference would them getting the iPhone actually make. Feel free to post your comments and opinions.

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