iPhone 4G vs. HTC Droid Incredible: Mashable Poll Results

Inevitably when a new smartphone hits the mobile space it ends up at some stage being compared to the iPhone, but this time round a poll run by the guys over at mashable put a new twist on this usual comparison game.

They have taken the battle of the giants, the iPhone verse Android and run a poll on which smartphone their readers want more, placing the HTC Droid Incredible which is due release on the 29th of April, although some were shipped early; up against the iPhone 4G, which although has been leaked hasn’t officially been confirmed.

However according to said poll it appears that the iPhone 4G has generated more interest, as they say past polls showed that the iPhone has not fared well against Android with the iPhone being ”trounced” by the Nexus One, but this time round the iPhone 4G comes out on top.

The poll figures show that out of 19258 votes, the iPhone 4G snatched 9765 votes, 51 percent and the HTC Droid Incredible got 8175 votes, 42 percent. Now obviously this is based on what people would prefer and not on any technical comparison, but it does show that perhaps people are willing to wait and skip over the HTC Droid Incredible in order to gain the next generation iPhone.

What do you think, would you prefer the HTC Droid Incredible or rather wait for the iPhone 4G to be released?

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