LTE to Eclipse WiMAX by end of 2011 Says IDC Study

The big news so far on the 4G front has been the Sprint HTC EVO 4G which will run of the WiMAX network, so one would thing as this is the forerunner of 4G, WiMAX would be going for quite a few more years, but one has to consider LTE which is being rolled out by several carriers.

According to an article over on i4u, via fierce wireless a recent study conducted by the International Data Corporation shows us that in excess of 12 new LTE networks are ready to roll out this year and by the end of 2011, IDC expects LTE spending to eclipse spending WiMAX.

Global LTE spending is expected to come somewhere close to just under the $8 billion mark by the end of 2014, and the study showcases the large divide between LTE and WiMAX, however some believe they could have a unified figure.

Clearwire CEO, Bill Morrow thinks that WiMAX and LTE could join to become a “big happy family” however rival Verizon believes otherwise and sees LTE as the future of 4G, and as 9 out of 10 of the biggest mobile carriers support LTE it looks like LTE will be the clear winner in the 4G stakes.


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