Could Nokia N8 and iPhone 4G release at same time?

We are all fully aware of all the hype and rumours that have been closely following the iPhone 4G including the possible release dates some of which we have reported earlier here in case you missed it.

We all know that one possible launch date that has popped up more than once is the 22nd June 2010 for a launch of the iPhone 4G with a release date to follow on shortly after.

It has now been announced that the Nokia N8 is official and should be releasing sometime during quarter 3 of 2010. The Nokia N8 expected to be very popular with a 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics. We assume that T Mobile may well be the first carrier for the Nokia N8 but the question is when.

Could it be possible that we could see both the Nokia N8 and the very much talked about Apple iPhone 4G release at the same time and if this happens how will the battle between the two fair out? Leave your comments and opinions on this if you wish, and of course we’ll keep you posted with any further developments.


One thought on “Could Nokia N8 and iPhone 4G release at same time?”

  1. raja says:

    I have always been nokia fan. Iphone is a cool device, but nokia is friendly user. Also I am amazed by 4G evo Sprints, with 1MB procesor, that is very high for cellular device.

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