iPhone Web Traffic Surpassed by Android In US

When it comes to the biggest battle in the mobile space it has to be between the iPhone and Android, and according to an article over on intomobile Admob metrics for the month of March shows Android is taking the high ground and beating the iPhone.

Well beating the iPhone in US Web traffic that is as Android passed the iPhone for the month; however that of course doesn’t mean that Android will come out on top next month and the iPhone could always fight back.

According to the latest report from Admob, in September 09, the HTC Dream and Magic collectively represented 96 percent of Android traffic in the US, March however eleven Android devices make up that 96 percent of Android traffic in the AdMob network.

The 3 top handsets in the States where the Motorola Droid, HTC Dream and Motorola CLIQ while the top 3 Android handsets in the UK were the Hero, Dream and Magic. The Motorola Droid led the Android field in March 2010 with 32 percent of global Android traffic, while the Nexus One only came in with 2 percent for the same period.

For the month of March 2010 the Android traffic was shared between the 3 main operating systems with Android 1.5 gaining 38 percent, Android 2.0/2.1 gaining 35 percent and Android 1.6 drawing in 26 percent

Of course no one can predict if Android will keep the web traffic crown and if so for how long, and well as June is fast approaching and with it the next generation iPhone 4G, web traffic could soon be back with the iPhone.

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