Motorola Android Smartphones gain on Apple iPhones

As Apple continue both the US and Worldwide market with their iPhone and also their iPod Touch devices, the makers of Android phones are catching up and gaining ground fast.

According to the latest research from AdMob, a mobile advertising network who are in the process of being acquired by Chief Android proponent Google. Both the Apple iPhone and the iPad Touch accounted for 37% of worldwide device share in March based on traffic.

That is a reduction of almost 40% from both January and February, and almost back to the same level as it was in December. And the share actually reduced from 43% to 38% in the US.

Not such disappointing news though for Motorola as they inched up slightly in the US on the strength of their Android powered Droid Smartphone and also Nokia saw growth worldwide probably to do with the Nokia N70. The research also showed which versions of the iPhone’s OS are most popular and the results found that most customers out there don’t just sit on their old software since Apple tends to make most of their software backward compatible.

Adding up to 86% of traffic were the two newest versions of the OS 3.1.2 and 3.1.3. Then we have the iPhone 3G device traffic which increased by 30% from September through to March. The first generation devices accounted for a small 2% only.

Source – networkworld.com via admob.com

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