WES 2010: No BlackBerry Storm 3 Smartphone then RIM?

WES 2010 kicked off today revealing a few things of interest, but no BlackBerry Storm 3 was mentioned, wonder why?

So no BlackBerry Storm 3 Smartphone then RIM, but then again we already knew this. Remember RIM’s first touchscreen smartphone called the Storm and then they released another one called the Storm 2, yes of course you do because both were pretty useless if you ask us.

We say that there could be another Storm and this time it will be better, give RIM its due everyone deserves a few chances to get things right.

Do you think RIM will release the BlackBerry Storm 3, or do you think they will just stick with the Pearl 3G and Bold 9650 for now? Please take this article with a pinch of salt, just asking a simple and probably stupid question.


6 thoughts on “WES 2010: No BlackBerry Storm 3 Smartphone then RIM?”

  1. michael_j says:

    Sliders are a pain in the rump IMNSHO. It takes two hands to use the darn things – I can use my Storm with one hand in portrait orientation OR two hands (IF I so choose) in landscape orientation…. simply by turning it – I never have to open or close it.

  2. Storm 2: I’m on my third one in 5 months; and it still malfunctions seriously and frequently. Vodafone UK wriggle and twist.. So, one option is to post it to VF UK CEO with a wee note: here’s your rotten RIM clunker; keep it – contract broken by your failure to provide full functions etc.. And you can ask me what happens, after Tuesday 4 May 2010 !!

  3. Dre says:

    You under cover iPhone users need to stop pretending to be blackberry storm 2owners. We know that when your god (iPhone) is threatened with competition you will go to any length to bash the blackberry storm 2 and soon to be storm 3 & 4.

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