HP: Palm WebOS is Prize Asset, Smartphones and Tablets

Earlier on we reported that HP bought Palm and now it is said that Palm WebOS is a Prize Asset, Reading the Engadget’s liveblog things seem very interesting indeed.

Engadget spoke to Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein and Ian Humphries, HP’s Senior VP of Strategy and Corporate Development and things look very promising indeed. One main quote that sticks out has to be HP plans to be “doubling down on webOS,” according to the source above the acquisition has changed nothing in the way of Palm’s existing hardware roadmap and will be basically untouched.

In simple terms and to make a long story short, webOS is a prized asset and it will be put across multiple devices, surely this means it will stay on smartphones and of course could possibly move over to HP tablet devices.

For more details please visit Engadget’s Liveblog, please do comment below and let us know what you think of the above.

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