iPhone OS 4 SDK Beta 2: More WiFi Chat and Game Center Integration

The new and latest iPhone OS 4 SDK Beta 2 is showing more evidence of video chat (iChat) and possible Game Center integration; it proves that iChat video is definitely coming to the next-gen operating system.

According to Mac Rumors more code it shows that the iPhone is to gain video conferencing, yes it is registered and with the possible feature of it only being used with WiFi and NOT 3G data, let’s say a quick oops for those wishing to use video chat using 3G network connections.

You can clearly see video conferencing is coming to the iPhone by looking at this code ACCOUNTNOTREGISTEREDMESSAGE = “This device has not been registered for video conferencing.”;

IMAVCHAT COULDNOTCONNECTNOREMOTEWIFI = “The video call could not connect because a remote Wi-Fi connection could not be established.”; IMAVCHATDISCONNECTEDNOLOCAL_WIFI = “The video call disconnected because the local Wi-Fi connection was lost.”;

And this code shows possible integration of Game Center IMAVCHATERRORNOSUCHPLAYERID = “No Such Player ID”; IMAVCHATERRORNOSUCHACHIEVEMENT = “No Such Achievement”; IMAVCHATERRORUNRECOGNIZEDGAMEDESCRIPTIONHEADERS = “Unrecognised Game Descriptor Headers”; IMAVCHATERRORNOSUCHGAME = “No Such Game”;

We will keep you posted on everything to do with iPhone OS 4.0, keep coming back there is bound to be loads more news on this.

Source – TiPB

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